Retireability Score

Are you Retirement Ready?

Most people focus solely on the financial aspects of retirement, but the transition to a new phase of life is just as important. To achieve a successful retirement, you should ask yourself: 

  • What will I do with the 2,000 hours that I spent at work each year?
  • Am I on the same page as my spouse?
  • Do we know how we will spend our days?
  • Where will we live?
  • Have we prepared for future health challenges?
  • Have we planned for our children and grandchildren?

In 10 minutes, the Retireability Score's online questionnaire will generate a 1-page summary that will be shared immediately, and rates your current situation along 8 key elements of retirement planning. 

The professionals at BNG will then create a unique roadmap for you to build toward a successful retirement. 

To begin the process, Click here  to take the Retireability Score:


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