Canada Geese and Bureaucrats by Mike Bossy

October 18, 2012

I was out for a walk after supper tonight. While stretching my legs, a large flock of Canada geese flew overhead. They cut an efficient path across the sky while flying in their very distinctive "V" pattern. It gave me a flashback to my childhood, where I grew up on a tobacco farm (by the way, Premier Dad resigned on the 15th and I won't get too much flak for mentioning tobacco). It was always in the fall when we got to see this majestic display of nature.

Today we see them everywhere. They are in our parks and on our ponds and golf courses. What the heck, some of them don't even seem to migrate! It makes me think of bureaucracy. The more bureaucracy we get in government, the more it seems they want to create. My tax partner, Tim Geoffrey, says "you don't have a human resource problem until you have a human resource function. You seem to create even more administration as you add administration".

Where does it end? If you are in business, you have to fight ever-increasing regulations and bureaucracy. We have to strive to make things "cheaper, faster, easier and bigger"; otherwise it will swallow us up by eating our lunch. It will become "more expensive, slower, harder and smaller".

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