Mike Bossy named Citizen of the Year

November 14, 2011

Bossy looking forward

by Jeff Tribe,
Tillsonburg News

Mike Bossy is an accountant, not a designer.

But he did make a post-ceremony statement on the fashion exhibited Wednesday afternoon during a ceremony celebrating an $8,804,478 expansion/renovation project at Glendale.

"That's wrong," said the chair of the Reliving The Legacy 'Gemini Field House' campaign, of a green Glendale t-shirt bearing a griffin on its front. "It's wrong," he added with a smile. "And I was a (Glendale) Griffin."

Bossy was far from angry on a day celebrating an expansion including a community-supported double gym. But as a preferred option, Bossy indicated the 'combination' displayed under the basketball net opposite from the Glendale gym's stage, an inclusive design featuring elements from both the Glendale Griffins and the Annandale Marauders logos. Moving forward with what Bossy terms the 'Gemini Field House', he is drawing on the joint rich legacies of both schools and their athletic programs, twinned for a stronger whole greater than the sum of its individual parts. Twinned, "and more to the point, it's a connection," he had said earlier.

The shirts in question were presented along with water bottles to compatriots from Annandale and Norwich District High School by a contingent of Glendale students in a symbolic welcome.

The project slated for completion in time for the upcoming school year features the addition of eight classrooms, five science classrooms, a horticultural lab and greenhouse, a double gymnasium, a dance/aerobics room, changerooms and storage. Renovations will be made to existing technical areas, an art room, guidance areas, seven classrooms, a library resource centre and cafeteria.

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