The Power of Human Instincts

April 17, 2018

People perform their best when they’re free to trust their instincts.  With the help of Kolbe online assessments and analytic software, we’ll use this age-old truth to dramatically improve your business.  Whether you’re hiring a new employee, merging departments or simply trying to manage your team better, the Kolbe System shows you how to leverage the power of human instincts to accomplish organizational goals.

The Promise of Higher Performance

The Kolbe System™ analyzes the way people take purposeful action and provides strategies for improving individual and group performance.  As a Kolbe Certified™ Specialist, we have the unique tools, training, and expertise to help you:

  • Select the right person for the right position
  • Reduce unwanted turnover
  • Improve team synergy
  • Increase productivity

The Kolbe A™ Index

Personnel assessment tools have historically focused on measuring the cognitive (IQ) and affective (personality) parts of the mind.  While these tools are helpful in hiring and selection, they cannot measure the instinctive, or conative, dimension of the mind which is far more predictive of actual performance.

Validated by more than 30 years of case studies and academic research, the Kolbe A™ Index measures four instinctive patterns of behavior, or Action Modes®, which determine an individual’s natural method of problem solving:

Fact Finder:  Ways of gathering and sharing information

Follow Thru:  Ways of arranging and designing

Quick Start:  Ways of dealing with risk and uncertainty

Implementor:  Ways of handling space and tangibles

Understanding the role of instincts will help you attract, retain, and motivate great people to build a successful organization.

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