Canada Day, Give Me a Place to Stand and High Aspirations

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By Mike Bossy

I am not sure why I was thinking about the tune, “Give us a place to stand”, but it reminded me how lucky I am to live in such a great country. I love the line “Give us a place to stand, and a place to grow.” I feel I was given an opportunity, and I used it to full advantage.

I still have high aspirations for myself, and when I think about Canada today, it too had, and I know still does have, high aspirations. When one looks back on Canada’s history, we see it in our national story. Yes, there have been some imperfections along the way. We are human and Canada, like we humans, is prone to mistakes along the way. But I will continue to help Canada grow.

Happy Canada Day!

I thought I would include the lyrics below. It is a great song, and it will get stuck on replay in your mind.

“Give us a place to stand

Give us a place to grow

And call this land, Ontario

A place to live

For you and me

With hopes as high

As the tallest tree

Give us a land of lakes

And a land of snow

And we will build Ontario

A place to stand, a place to grow, a place to grow Ontario – o – o o-o-o

From the Western Hills

To the Northern shores

To Niagara Falls

Where the waters roar

Give us a land of peace

Where the free winds blow

And we will build Ontario.

A place to stand, a place to grow, a place to grow Ontario – o – o o-o-o “

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