At BNG we recognize that, beyond standard accounting services, having access to valuable tools that help you make sound decisions is important to building a better business. These stand-alone products are available to anyone, whether you are a BNG client or not. Because, ultimately, if our community businesses thrive, we all benefit.

Kolbe Certified

People perform best when they’re free to trust their instincts. With the help of the Kolbe System™ online assessments, we use this age-old truth to dramatically improve your business. Whether you’re hiring, merging departments, transitioning your business to the next generation, or simply trying to manage your team better, the Kolbe System™ shows you how to leverage the power of human instincts to accomplish your goals.

Book an appointment with one of our Kolbe Consultants to find your Kolbe A Index™ score and learn more about the ways you work best and interact with others. Superior to your average personality test, our team will help you tap into your natural instincts so you can accomplish your goals and help your team do the same.

Our Kolbe Consultants can also tap you into the Kolbe RightFit™ to help you make the smarter hiring decisions for your team.

Using the Kolbe Approach, we’ll find the ways that you work best and provide insight into goal setting, strategic planning and how to move those items into clear action plans. Let’s get started!

What is Kolbe?

Why Use Kolbe RightFit™?

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Dairy Business Builder

Wondering how you stack up in the dairy world? If you’re a dairy farmer and want to know where your business is exceling and where you can improve, you’ll love our Dairy Business Builder. This online cost-monitoring tool will provide you with data regarding your cost per-HL and Kg of milk shipped for all of your expense categories and compare your cost-per-unit to other dairy producers.

This secure database will help you understand your cost of production as it relates to the average of your industry. Work with our team to understand the database and use the data to inform your strategic planning moving forward.

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