Canmore, Three Degree Thinking and Self Awareness

Three Sisters Canmore
Three Sisters Canmore

By Mike Bossy

I am in Canmore Alberta attending the 2022 AgEx Conference. It is a conference geared to the betterment of primary producers and their advisors through education. The host of the conference, in her opening remarks, had a picture of the Three Sisters. These peaks were just outside the conference room windows. What an impressive sight. On every break, I took the opportunity to go outside and be blown away by their awesomeness.

Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach has a thinking tool called the “Triple Play.” It helps you connect what seem to be three unconnected thoughts. It is eye opening.

Through my journey of self-development, I have noticed that I have always been able to connect what appear to be three unconnected and random thoughts. It took seeing the Three Sisters and doing the “Triple Play” exercise to bring this to light.

Life is a never-ending journey of self-development. The mind is a very powerful tool and probably the only true natural resource.

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