COVID, CANEI and Opportunities

By Mike Bossy

Reflecting on this most unusual of all tax seasons, I am impressed with how Team BNG responded to the COVID crisis. I call it a crisis because it was something that we had never experienced. The team responded by learning technologies, new work environments, and new ways of doing business. We realized that just average work was not enough. We had to do better.

Through a commitment to CANEI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement), to use an acronym I first heard from Tony Robbins, Team BNG responded. We had to adapt, like all businesses, and embrace new technologies. Our old way of doing business was not going to cut it, we had to by-pass other people’s standards. The crisis forced BNG up the technology curve sooner and more quickly than we could have ever anticipated. What a wonderful opportunity this has provided us.

Tony Robbins

These new technologies and ones we are now exploring bode well for us and I thank our team for their commitment to upping our game.

On perhaps a humorous note, we have a joke we tell inside the firm. We ask the question “Why did the accountant cross the road?” The answer is “That’s what we did in the file last year.” This is unacceptable for us. We have a culture of CANEI.

Thanks Team BNG!

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