Death, Distribution and Waiting

By Mike Bossy

In my estate planning and family business transition practice at BNG, I have noticed an increase in people waiting. The motivation to write this came while at a restaurant. The server (waiter) was waiting to take my order. That is where the idea sparked. How many of us are waiting?

  1. Waiting for a parent to die, knowing that a big pay day is coming?
  2. Waiting for perfection prior to making any kind of decision?
  3. Waiting to turn 65 to leave a job we never really liked?
  4. Waiting to finish that next degree before following your passion?
  5. Waiting for the weekend and wishing your life away?
  6. Waiting in line?
  7. Waiting for someone else to go first?
  8. Waiting for a no-risk situation that doesn’t exist?
  9. Waiting to make the phone call for fear the answer will be no, fear that they don’t want to mend a relationship, fear we will say something inappropriate or some other reason?
  10. Waiting to leave when you know it is the right decision for you?

As an aside, I decided to look up the etymology of the word “waiter”, I found this at Wiktionary:

“Late 14th century, "attendant, watchman," agent noun from the verb wait +‎ -er. Sense of "servant who waits at tables" is from late 15th century, originally in reference to household servants; in reference to inns, eating houses, etc., it is attested from 1660s.”

Perhaps this is a new usage of the term “waiter”. In the end, I guess my recommendation is, don’t wait around for the right time. Find opportunities or forge them. If you wait, you will miss out on a lot.

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