East of Eden, 5 A.M. and Choices

East of eden

By Mike Bossy

Picture this: it’s 5am and you’re faced with a choice. You can get up and start attacking your day or spend ten more glorious minutes in a warm bed. When I was faced with this exact choice this past week, I thought of my two most recent reads.

I just finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck. This classic novel is based on the intertwining destinies of two families during the turn of the century(early 20th century) and is a modern take on the story of Cain and Abel. I also just finished reading Robin Sharma’s The 5 AM Club, which speaks to the benefits of waking up early. So where is the connection to that warm bed?

The first came around East of Eden and the idea of choice. In the book, two of the main characters discuss the word “timshel”. In the King James Bible, “timshel” roughly translates to “thou shalt” but in the Hebrew translation, it’s “thou mayest”- implying choice. And well, isn’t choice what it’s all about? To stay in the warm bed, or get up and get going.

Now how does this relate to the 5AM Club? I have always been an early riser and have never given it much thought. Well, The 5AM Club has now given me a structure and a better purpose for my early morning activities. To come full circle, if I make the choice to get out of bed and get going at that 5am alarm, I’ve made the choice to have a productive morning. Your theoretical 5AM will be different than mine.

So there’s your choice. Will you wake up at 5am and start attacking your day or stay under the covers? Will you start that new business or remain unhappy in your job? Will you begin the planning for a smooth family transition or wait and let the chips fall where they may? I choose the first one but that’s my choice because I mayest.

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