Energize Your Team


As a leader, it can be challenging to keep your team enthused and engaged. Here are 12 ways to up the energy level of your team:

  1. Lead by example. Be enthusiastic, encouraging, and motivating.
  2. Meet with team members from different levels and ask what they would change in the organization and how they'd change it.
  3. Communicate ALL information to ALL team members ALL of the time.
  4. Encourage team members to improve one process, procedure, or aspect of their job every day.
  5. Agree to conduct personal and professional lives in a manner that will bring credit to your team members, their families and the company at all times.
  6. Send a problem or challenge out to all team members and ask for their suggestions on how to solve it.
  7. Give your team permission to say "yes" to clients and the resources to do it
  8. Break down barriers between departments. Create project teams to solve various issues, or have events where the whole team is involved.
  9. Encourage every team member to take risks, exercise initiative, deliver quality results and never be afraid to make mistakes.
  10. Create a supportive environment that nurtures professional and personal growth.
  11. Do what you say you're going to do - and more.
  12. Have fun while building a company and make sure your team members are having fun.

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