Kolbe and Team Building

By Mike Bossy - April 3, 2019

I recently blogged about a book written by Jay Triano, the first Canadian head coach in the NBA. The book is called “Open Look: Canadian Basketball and Me.” It was a great read and it had me thinking deeply about teamwork.

Here at BNG, we are a team. We each use our Unique Abilities to reach both personal and business goals. In Jay’s book, he gives a great analogy using his index finger and a fist. As an index finger (acting alone) you are not as strong as when you are a fist (acting as a team).

All businesses should look to teamwork. One of the tools we use at BNG to understand our team and the position we put them in is the Kolbe Index A. The Kolbe Indexes allow BNG to identify and leverage instinctive strengths. The Kolbe A Index measures and validates a person’s natural talents - the instinctive method of operation (MO) that enables a person to be their best.

The Kolbe Corp’s proprietary research has shown that our natural creative instincts shape how we accomplish tasks and solve problems in four distinctive behavior patterns, or Action Modes:

  • Fact Finder - Ways of gathering and sharing information
  • Follow Thru - Ways of organizing
  • Quick Start - Ways of dealing with risk and uncertainty
  • Implementor - Ways of handling space and tangibles
Kolbe and Team Building1

The first step in the Kolbe System is to determine the instinctive traits within an organization. This is done with the Kolbe A™ Index. The four-number Index result identifies an individual’s natural tendencies in each Action Mode and determines his or her modus operandi or MO. The numerical values indicate how a person uses their instincts to prevent problems, respond to opportunities and initiate solutions.

These tools help BNG determine the instinctive traits in our team and put our individual team members in positions that fit their MO. This is one of the things we do to ensure we act as a fist.

If you want to learn more about how Kolbe A can help your team, feel free to contact our office.

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