Lot’s Wife, Looking back and WWII

It’s the 76th anniversary of D-Day and there are no D-Day veterans celebrating on the beaches of Normandy this year. Official celebrations have been cancelled due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, I’d like to extend a big thank you to our veterans for their sacrifice so that I could have the opportunity to make my life what it is.

Today I was reading an article by James Sales in The Epoch Times entitled “What the Story of Lot’s Wife Can Tell Us: Don’t Look Back”. Mr. Sale is an author of books and the creator of the Motivational Map Toolkit. In the article, Sales asks the question:

“What are we going to say or think once the lockdown is over and this pandemic is subdued? Frequently, but not always, we have tendency to “look back” and, as we do so, it is often with rose-tinted glasses.”

There is a propensity to look back, as Bruce Springsteen says, to “Glory Days”. Moving out of COVID causes us to do this.

Sales compared COVID-19 to Lot’s wife (Edith) in the Bible who looked back while fleeing the City of Sodom and was turned into a pillar of salt. In Sales’ metaphor, Sodom was the past we should know about and learn from. It doesn’t all get to come along. We need to decide what we bring forward. We need to limit what comes along to avoid getting stuck as we journey into the future.

Furthermore, Sales uses the word “contemplate” over “think” when pondering the future. I will follow his advice and use the word contemplate because I am engaging with a future that will be different from the future I thought existed pre-COVID.

An important lesson I learned from Dan Sullivan is that future for me will be about using my “Unique Abilities” to provide value to the clients I’m privileged to advise, consult and provide direction.

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