Marsden, TAMT and Personality

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By Mike Bossy

I was reading a reprint of an article in Success magazine written by Orison Swett Marsden. It was first published in Success magazine in the February 1910 issue. That was back when each issue cost 10 cents. Talk about inflation.

Marsden was talking about great leaders and thinkers who did not get an opportunity to go to college or university. How did greats get educated then? It was through constant reading, a skill we are all taught at a very young age. If you have a spare moment, read something. Next time you are in someone’s home pay attention to the books on their shelves. It tells you a lot. It’s likely their TV is bigger than their bookshelf.

Marsden states:

“The faithfulness with which you improve every spare moment, every little chance to develop yourself to the highest possible power, is an indication of the sort of person you will be.”

When I am reading, I will give pause, pull out my journal and document my “Thinking About My Thinking.” A Dan Sullivan concept. I indicate this in my journal with the acronym TAMT.

I have always felt that my education didn’t stop when I finished university. It was only beginning. As Dr. Benjamin Hardy says, “Personality Isn’t Permanent.”

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