Neil de Grasse Tyson, IQ and Kolbe “A”

De Grasse

I received a book for Christmas called “Letters from an Astrophysicist” written by Neil deGrasse Tyson. I enjoy reading his books because he tries to make complicated topics simpler. One of his letters dealt with your IQ score in relation to success later in life. I thought about my early education, and we did do IQ tests. I do not remember my IQ score and maybe that’s a good thing.

Mr. Tyson states “IQ correlates nicely with GPA in high school and college, but after your first job, nobody ever asks what your college GPA was.” I remember studying and doing my practical experience (articling) to obtain my C.A. (now C.P.A.). I could take one year off my articling period if I achieved a certain mark on a test called the GMAT. I remember thinking at the time, “what does a score on a general knowledge test have to do with the experience I gained in the articling period”?

Mr. Tyson goes on to say “What matters are your people skills, leadership skills, real-world problem-solving skills, integrity, business acumen, work ethic, kindness, compassion, etc.” I would like to add your core values and beliefs, your Kolbe strengths, and your individual mindset. I truly believe that my career took a quantum leap forward when I understood these. Forget the IQ score.

So now I have to ask, is our education system failing the next generations due to its fixation on scores? I think I will reread Seth Godin’s white paper “Stop Stealing Dreams.”

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