Smells, Music and Zoom

Julien Bossy 2022

By Mike Bossy

My dad passed away on May 16th and was buried May 19th. . During the delivery of the eulogy, I talked about the smells of tobacco curing on an autumn morning. They were the smells of quality and care. Talking about that smell brought back many memories and I now realize that my dad was truly an artist. Smells are a transportation device…but not like the ones in Star Trek.

Listening to music has the same effect. I listen to old tunes and I am transported in time. Where did I hear the song for the first time? What was I doing and who was with me? It has a feel-good sensation.

Zoom is a transportation device with a twist. It’s not one that evokes memories but think about it. I don’t have to get on a plane or into a car to meet and interact with people. The difference is that it doesn’t come with the nostalgia that smell and music deliver. Some smart individuals may eventually figure out how to deliver this…or maybe we shouldn’t figure this out because it may take away some of our humanity.

In the meantime, I will continue to love and cherish transportation provided to me by smells and music.

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