Space X, Star Tracker and Re-calibration

By Mike Bossy

On the weekend, I watched the launch of the Space X manned mission to the International Space Station. I am a bit of a space junkie, so this was quite exciting. The first time I felt this excited about a space launch was when the USA sent men to the moon in 1969. I can remember where I was, who I was with, what I was doing and even the songs that were popular at the time.

Space X Launch

The night after the Space X launch, I was outside looking at the stars and wondering what it was like to be in space. I decided to use an Android app called Star Tracker which tells the user what they’re looking at in the night sky. It’s quite handy. I noticed that the compass feature was off by about 12 degrees. It was a good thing I knew how to find the North Star. Otherwise I would have just been lost in my thoughts.

The next day, I was out for a walk and listening to a podcast by Shannon Waller called How to Take Back Your Future with One Question. Waller was talking about the situation we find ourselves in relation to current quarantine guidelines. Our lives are not going to be the same, the future we thought we had no longer exists. We need to re-calibrate. Spooky. I thought the only thing I needed to re-calibrate was my Star Tracker app.

How to Take Back your Future

The podcast had many great ideas but the main one she reminded me of was the “Dan Sullivan Question”. She just modified it for use over the next 90 days.

“If we were having this discussion three months from today, and you were to look back over those three months to today, what has to have happened, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy about your progress?”

What a powerful tool. It’s helped me find my personal North Star.

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