The Girl in the Spider's Web, Free Days and Journaling

Girl Spider web image

By Mike Bossy

I took a “Free Day” today. On my free days, I like to read. Right now I am reading “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” by David Lagercrantz. The heroine in the story is Lisbeth Salander.

It is in reading works of fiction that I get some of my new ideas, learn new words, explore new countries, and understand difficult math concepts, to mention just a few. This book has not disappointed me. Both Salander, and the young boy she is protecting, excel at math. They are both somewhere on the autism scale. Learning things about autism has been fascinating.

One of the things I do when I am reading anything is to keep a journal handy. I find that journaling helps me retain more of what I am reading. There is something about putting pen to paper. I quote Anthony Robbins’ “If life is worth living, it’s worth writing about”. Keep a journal handy, it will surprise you

P.S. If you follow the link to Free Days you will find a definition by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. Considering that I am blogging today, did I break the definition of a free day?

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