The Huntsman, Goals and Tactics


By Mike Bossy

I was cleaning out a drawer and I came across my compass from the days I was a boy scout. The compass was called the “Huntsman” and as part of the marketing plan stated, “Makes hunting and fishing easier.” Silva made the compass and is still in business today. My version of the compass was made in Sweden. I was delighted to find an old, trusted friend.

When using it for hiking, I used it with a topographical map (to still be located). I would pick out on the map where I wanted to go. I would find north and then I would identify a landmark nearby, heading for it. On arrival, I would recalculate and identify my next landmark. There was satisfaction in reaching your end destination.

The future is very much like this. You have an overall vision of where you want to go. You set your short-range goals and then laying out your tactics, you act. There is a euphoria created when achieving goals.

Thinking about this, I realize that I have taken this approach to most of what I do in life. Neat.

As a bonus, “Huntsman” could also be used to tell the time of day.

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