The Power of One, Support of Others and Movements

Power Of One

Annually, I re-read a novel by Bryce Courtenay called “The Power of One”. The story is set in South Africa and revolves around the adventures of an English boy (Peekay) who is raised under apartheid. The time period is pre–World War II and during the war. He has conflicted relationships with a German pianist, a Coloured boxing coach and a romantic interest in an Afrikaner. All these interactions have an impact on his Future Self.

In the novel, there is an interesting juxtaposition between the growing influence of Hiltler and Peekay’s desire to change the world for good. Peekay eventually becomes a legend in the black community, the “Onoshobishopi Inelosi” (Tadpole Angel), a chief. Hiltler on the other hand becomes a legend for horrific reasons.

Every time I have finished reading the novel, I reflect on the fact that one should never underestimate one’s power to influence. One’s “Power of One”

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