Toast, Waffles and Value Adds

I am not much of a cook. I never really had to cook for myself other than in university where my specialty was Kraft Dinner. In most households, cooking is underappreciated. I know I take it for granted and never really show much gratitude. For that I am truly sorry and will show more gratitude going forward.

Sure, I can make toast and it is often my fallback meal. I sometimes spice it up with differing bread selections or honey, but it is still toast. Making toast reminds me of our compliance side of the accounting practice at BNG. Is it just toast? Does it only look like every other accounting practice? Do we only do things slightly different than other CPA firms?

Then there are waffles. Sometimes when we are with Brent, Jillian (my oldest daughter) and their children, we have a special treat. Brent and Jillian make waffles from scratch. Waffles area delightfully surprising thing to find on the breakfast table- an amazing value-add if you will. They make everyone feel special.

Waffles with berries
Thanks to Cristina Matos-Albers for sharing their work on Unsplash.

At BNG we have a choice. We can make toast and do things the way we did them last year or we can go for the waffles. My team has decided to make waffles. We are constantly looking for the value add. BNG team, thanks for the waffles! Now let’s add local blueberries and good old Canadian maple syrup.

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