Trout Fishing, Supermoon and Awesome

Saturn and Jupiter
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By Mike Bossy

I went trout fishing on opening day for the first time in over ten years. It was awesome. Not because of the number of trout I caught, but in the experience with nature. I was there before sunrise just as the bush was waking up. Saturn and Jupiter were shining brightly in the south east sky as four deer awoke from their overnight stay on the ground. Owls were still speaking, asking, “WHO is entering our domain?” Okay, that what cheesy. Beavers were starting their day’s work, building the next dam. Turkeys were making sounds like one would when pounding one’s chest. I was not the only “turkey” awake that time of day (another bad joke). AWESOME!


On the following Monday night there was a Pink Supermoon. It beamed about seven percent larger and fifteen percent brighter than usual. The increase in brightness happens because the moon’s orbit around the earth is elliptical and so the moon is at its closest to us. So why pink? It wasn’t because of its colour. It turns out that a full moon in April corresponds with the blooming of flowers with predominantly pink flowers. AWESOME!

Robin Sharma talks about the collection of miraculous experiences over material things:

The world has burdened and hardened you. As a child, your instinct showed you how to spot the miraculousness of a snowflake, find fortune in a spider’s web and adore the splendor of falling leaves in a colorful autumn morning. The pursuit wasn’t about acquiring things. It was about exploring life.”

I received some first class and miraculous experiences free of charge from Mother Nature.


Go collect yours.

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