Tumblehome, Apollo Missions, Planning

My wife Jill recently asked me to shred a few boxes of materials from her teaching days. In what I had to shred, I found a folder of old articles and pictures from the Apollo space missions. So much for shredding! I spent the next hour falling down a major rabbit hole: reading, looking and just thinking about that time period.

Wow! What an exciting time that was for me. I know exactly where I was when Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon. I just couldn’t get enough of it during the sixties and the early seventies. Every time I look at the moon today, I still say, “Holy Hockey”. It’s crazy to think that humans walked on the moon.

My mind then made a leap to a blog written by Seth Godin in January of 2021 called The Tumblehome. It talks about the success of the Tumblehome canoe design and the Chestnut Canoe Company brand that dominated the Canadian wilderness for years. The company’s resilience lead to stability. “The Tumbleholme provides support, but it also requires ongoing effort, care and focus to keep a system functioning. The Apollo missions were like this. They needed the same effort, care and focus.

Your farm needs it too. It’s called a strategic plan. View the diagram below called “The New Rocket Ship for Agriculture”.


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