Keeping the record straight

When it comes to payroll, book keeping, year end, remittances and everything in between, sometimes it can feel like you have a second job. Don’t panic, just count on us.



Every end brings a new beginning. This year, ensure your year-end is as pain-free as possible. At BNG we know the sooner things are processed, the better. That’s why we work closely with your bankers, lawyers, brokers, the CRA and others to ensure that all the information they need is readily available. That means your files move to the top of their piles and your fiscal year-end runs smoothly.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Let us take the stress and time out of bookkeeping and payroll by keeping track of the paperwork. Whether you run a farm, a small business or a big corporation, you can trust us to keep track of the financial transactions. You’ll receive up-to-date reports on payroll, CRA and HST remittances and reconciliations so you’ll have peace of mind to pursue what inspires you.


Sometimes it’s hard to sort out the who, what and why of the money you owe. At BNG, we strive to bring you simplicity in an over-taxed, over-regulated world. With a knowledgeable team, we can make sure you’re paying the right amount at the right time because who wants to pay more than they need to?

It’s all in the planning

Passing down your family business to the next generation deserves care and experience. At BNG, we have years of experience specializing in succession planning you won’t find elsewhere and the support you need to make the transition as smooth as possible.

At BNG, we’ve paired high-level education with years of experience working with families to plan, implement and successfully execute the transition and succession of family businesses. In fact, we consider it our specialty.

With decades of experience in the field, you won’t find another accounting firm that knows the ins and outs of succession planning and business transfers like us. We’ve been an integral part of numerous family farm, independently owned business and corporation transitions.

What You Can Expect

We’re ready to sit down and answer the big questions so the whole family feels prepared for the transition. Our succession planning specialists will help you pin down your vision for the future and look at a mission statement that takes your core values and beliefs into account. Working with participating family members, we’ll work together on creating a good foundation of business functions, assess the state of the business currently and ultimately help you create the right succession plan along the way.

What Makes Us Different

We don’t just help with succession planning and walk away. Not only does our team have the educational support and the skills to help you create the plan, but we also have the experience to provide emotional support, look at whether your business can support multiple generations and solidify your retirement plans once you’ve passed the business on. We can provide the help and the confidence to support you every step of the way.

We love to meet new people who are hungry for knowledge and always looking to grow. Working with a goal in mind, BNG can provide the expertise and the passion to keep you on the road to new business opportunities and help you do more of what gets you out of bed in the morning by working with you to create a comprehensive strategic plan.

What You Can Expect

You can’t create a solid strategy without putting in the time to write down your goals. Alongside members of our team, you’ll sit down to look at what your goals are, both long and short term. Our specialists will lead the charge in understanding both your financial aspirations as well as professional and personal life. After all, running a business should be about following your passions and generating income doing something you love. From there, we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive strategy with attainable goals. We’ll look at your current resources, where you’re spending your time and where you’d like to spend your time. Our experience building strategic plans for business owners has a proven track record that will help you feel confident in making life’s big decisions.

Planning what you leave behind doesn’t have to be burdensome. Our estate planning team will help safeguard your legacy so the ones you love don’t have to worry about it.

Estate planning is about providing for and protecting your loved ones. You spend your lifetime building and acquiring assets; your legacy. It is essential to create a plan to divide your estate and minimize the tax impact on your beneficiaries.

You aren’t alone. We can help you answer all the big questions or point you to somebody who can.

Your Current Will

We can help ensure your current will is up to standard or work with legal professionals to create one if you haven’t yet. We’ll help you get a complete list of your life assets and find a suitable executor who is capable of serving your needs. At BNG, we take a holistic approach to estate planning that looks at everything from the executor of your will to powers of attorney for both your property and personal care.

Current Legislation

Our experienced experts can help you understand and explain the current legislation regarding your estate. From there, we can help you decide on the best plan for your assets.

Why pay more than you need to? In an over-taxed world, we’re here to show you the way to being a savvy taxpayer. We’ll help you understand the changes to your taxes that come along with an evolving business.

At the end of the day, we want to help your bottom line. That means tax planning to take into account your ever-evolving business. As your business grows and progresses, we can help navigate the tax world and help you anticipate changes.

We Can Help

Our team of experts is here to assist with incorporating your business, restructuring or planning for succession and selling or buying company assets and shares.

Plus We Can Answer the Big Things

If you’re accumulating too much surplus cash or wondering about how to find a different arrangement for tax benefits in your situation, we’re there. Ready to dissolve or wind up your operations? We can help with that too. Our well-rounded approach means you can have peace of mind.

Your team matters. Building an engaged and effective team is all about hiring the right people. . . and keeping them.

Not only can we help you lead the charge in finding individuals that are right for your business, we can help you ensure they are satisfied with their positions and ready to contribute in the most meaningful way.

Kolbe System™

People perform best when they’re free to trust their instincts. With the help of the Kolbe System™ online assessments, we use this age-old truth to dramatically improve your business. Whether you’re hiring, merging departments or simply trying to manage your team better, the Kolbe System™ shows you how to leverage the power of human instincts to accomplish your goals.

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