Bossy Nagy Group (BNG) pairs experience and education to deliver the highest quality accounting, consultation and coaching for business owners in agriculture, manufacturing, retail, specialty markets and much more.

While BNG’s focus is accounting-based, the team is diverse and, as such, is able to convey value beyond just the dollars and cents. Focused on plain language solutions everyone can understand and act on, we’ve helped business owners and managers not only with compliance matters such as financial statements and tax preparation services, but modify or develop:

  • Succession plans
  • Tax plans
  • Estate plans
  • Team structure and job descriptions
  • Business opportunities
  • Software solutions and training
  • Trust plans

We can help you surprise yourself. Contact us today for a conversation about how we can help you increase your bottom line and make the most of your team and business.

Our Vision: "Bossy Nagy Group Professional Chartered Accountants is the pre-eminent accounting, wealth and business advisory firm trusted by our clients to strengthen their business and enhance their family wealth."

Knowledge. Clarity. Action.